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  • TNDE oil fields services company
  • TNDE oil fields services company
  • TNDE oil fields services company
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 Field TNDE Oil field Services is recently founded and established with world wide companies for well-self preparedness to provide a comprehensive range of services to the oil and gas industry in Libya.

TNDE has always exclusively used owner/operators in order to provide strong motivation for excellent customer service.
A company that utilizes all leased equipment shares opportunity and responsibility with its employees, and allows for faster growth and more flexibility in matching oilfield industry needs The protection of health, safety and conservation of the environment, apart from being disciplined subject to legislation, constitutes an asset and an added value within our organization, both as a philosophy and as an awareness that they are an essential and integral part of our products and services and hence in the achievement of TNDE company objectives Our Mission is to contribute to economic prosperity and social progress in the regions where the Company does business.

TNDE Company Employees:



Civil Engineers

Equipment technicians


HSE person

Site supervisor

Training workers

Normal workers


TNDE Company Equipments and machines:  



Desert oilfield trailers

6x6 Tractors

6x6 Trucks

4x4 Light vehicles (for personnel transportation)



Hyab trucks

Dumber trucks

Water Trucks

Our Primary Challenge Is to make the Company work as effectively as possible in the interests of our shareholders, employees, partners, customers, and society as a whole.